ABC 7 News - 190 North
“Red Hen’s soup and sandwiches is a crowd favorite and one reason why many customers keep coming back for more!”

Standing Room Only: Red Hen Bread
"What really sets Red Hen apart is how they manage to pair each ingredient with a particular type of bread." 
December 7, 2009 

ABC 7 News – Hungry Hound
ABC7's Hungry Hound says they are not only baking up lots of bread these days but also creating some delicious sandwiches as well. 
April 23, 2007

Modern Baking
How Red Hen Bread got a grip on its business
May 1, 2004 

Local Palate
“Chicago’s Red Hen Bakery is a terrific example of artisanal Breadmaking…At Red Hen virtually everything is done by hand.”
October 2001

Chicago Tribune – Good Eating
“Here’s the perfect piece of summer the size of you palm: individual blueberry tarts from the popular Bucktown bakery, Red Hen.  The shell is a model of beautifully flaky pastry; the filling, a summery compote of blueberries sweetened just right and seasoned with a little lemon juice and cardamom” 
July 5, 2000